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KAVERI - Oriya Movie Songs

KAVERI is a popular Oriya Movie Songs. Most of the songs of this movie or album are very beautiful and popular. The list of songs of this movie or album are listed below. You can download all these songs in various format like mp3 or rm format. You can also listen these songs at online.

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PoorNothing SpecialWorth watchingPretty coolAwesome
(7.07/10)  30 Ratings
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PoorNothing SpecialWorth watchingPretty coolAwesome
(7.33/10)  9 Ratings
 Watch SongAdd LyricsPlayed : 82
PoorNothing SpecialWorth watchingPretty coolAwesome
(6.73/10)  19 Ratings
 Watch SongAdd LyricsPlayed : 125
PoorNothing SpecialWorth watchingPretty coolAwesome
(6.74/10)  19 Ratings
 Watch SongAdd LyricsPlayed : 166
PoorNothing SpecialWorth watchingPretty coolAwesome
(7.43/10)  14 Ratings
 Watch SongAdd LyricsPlayed : 69
PoorNothing SpecialWorth watchingPretty coolAwesome
(5.00/10)  12 Ratings
 Watch SongAdd LyricsPlayed : 67
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